Buhari’s Cancelled Trip To Ogoni land. The Implications.

Buhari cancelled his planned trip to Ogoni land on Thursday 2nd of June. No reasons were given. His Vice Osinbajo will now represent him. Recall that President Buhari did same thing on his planned visit to Lagos not too long ago. He asked his Vice to represent him. These are not good signs. If he can be visiting foreign countries, he should also visit any part of Nigeria. His visit would have boosted the morales of the innocent people of Niger Delta State. He visited Bornu State (hot bed of Boko Haram), during his campaign period. He should be able to visit any part of the country, whether peace time or war. Ex President Goodluck was criticised heavily for not visiting Bornu State, during the heat of the Boko Haram attacks. Nigerians deserve to know why he couldn’t visit Ogoniland.

If it’s due to security threats, the security services should be able to provide him security at any part of the country. Hoping that similar scenario will not repeat itself again. The implications would be that the criminal elements and Niger Delta Avengers would take glory etc.

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