Brexit: Commonwealth Exit is Next.

The writer wishes to once more, congratulate the “wise” people of Britain for voting to leave their immediate neighbours (European Union). This decision has immediately triggered the agitation for the second Scottish independence referendum. The Scottish people want to remain with the European Union. Wondering what other arguments, the English people will tell the Scottish to vote against their independence.

Northern Island might likely follow suit. Wales might wish remain with England. Since we are in the session of exiting unions, it would be a wonderful idea for the “wise” people of Britain to have a referendum to quit the Commonwealth Nations, yes you heard me right, time to quit Commonwealth, because they are no longer fit for purpose. To your tents, all nations.
The “money remitted to Commonwealth Nations” can be used to fix their ailing National Health Service (NHS), and also be used to stop migration from other third world countries. But if Britain is not ready to have a referendum to quit the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Nations should have their referendum to quit the union or what do you think? The migrant British people elsewhere around the third world countries should be prepared to return home. All British overseas company in Commonwealth Nations/third world countries should be getting ready to relocate to home.
Lastly, don’t you think a petition as per above, to the British House of Commons would suffice? Time to start this debate, who knows, it might lead to having a peaceful world, we all are searching for.
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