Benue State Declares Fridays As Farming Day.

The Benue State Executive Council has approved that Friday of every week would be made a work free day to enable workers in the state to work on their farms.

In an official statement released on Thursday by Odeh Ageh, the Benue State Commissioner of Information, the State Executive Council has officially approved that every week Friday would be made a work-free day to enable workers in the state to work on their farms.

He announced that the work-free day would commence from Friday, 10th June, and would last till the end of July, 2016.

The State Governor, Samuel Ortom, who chaired the 16th session of the meeting at which the decision was taken, explained that the objective was to enable as many workers as possible to produce food to feed their families in the current economic downturn which has made the regular payment of salaries a major challenge.

The governor also announced that he would take a two-week vacation which was part of his annual leave from Monday, June 13th to work on his farm while the Deputy Governor, Benson Abounu, would act on his behalf during the period. Source:

Opinion: This is a very good idea. But there are some issues. What about the Moslems that would go Mosque on Fridays? What about the workers without farmlands or farm products to plant? How would the State monitor compliance?

Best would have been for the state to get a land and allocate it to, it’s workers and monitore compliance and attendance. Having this program for less than 2 months is a big joke.

C.V.Akuta Media UK.

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