Adoration Ground Episode: Peter Obi Proves A Serious Point.

This piece is in relation to what happened at the Adoration Ground Ministry of Rev Father Mbaka on Sunday 2nd of December 2018. For those that have not watched the video, here is the weblink

Rev Father Mbaka cajoled, blackmailed and tried to extort money from Mr. Peter Obi, but he stood his ground and did not yield to all the attempts made to extort money from him. Rev Fr Mbaka went as far as saying that Mr. Peter Obi was stingy, however that Obi is a good man who can save money. For us, Mr. Peter Obi has once again proven a serious point that (a) you cannot cajole or blackmail him to give you money, indicating that your money is safe with him (b) Fr Mbaka said Peter Obi was stingy, reinforcing once again the person of Peter Obi, meaning that there would be no waste of money with Mr. Peter Obi if he ever becomes the Vice President of Nigeria. These are positive points that Fr Mbaka directly and indirectly brought to the attention of Nigerians, especially now that Peter Obi is contesting with Atiku Abubakar.

Ironically President Buhari’s delegation led by Hope Uzodimma and Osita Okechukwu read a letter given to them by President Buhari where he promised to complete a first class medical centre at the Adoration Ground by the end of January 2019. The letter of award of contract to this project to be given to the contractor on Monday 3rd December 2018. President Buhari used N2 million naira to break kolanut. These are serious acts of desperation by President Buhari to win South East votes. Just imagine to start a first class medical centre and complete it by end of January 2019, just two months and in time before the Presidential election in February 2019. This is how desperate our President has become. One wonders if this is the real Buhari doing all these moves to influence voters.

On Rev Fr Mbaka, yours truly thinks he is a real politician as his Adoration Ministry has been turned a Mecca for all sorts of politicians, who seeks audience with him in order to market themselves to the worshippers/electorates. But there is nothing wrong for a Rev Fathers, men and women of God to be political. He will not be the first neither will he be the last.


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