You Wouldn’t Be President Without UK,US, Frank Tells Buhari.

Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank, said it would not have been possible for General Muhammadu Buhari to become the president without the intervention of countries like United Kingdom, United Nations and United Stated of America (USA) among others countries.

Frank, however, called on the international community to ignore the Nigerian presidency and the leaders of the ruling APC, who have threatened both the US and the UK among others, to do everything possible to encourage and help to sustain democracy in Nigeria.

In a statement signed Wedneaday in Abuja, Frank described a statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari, where he warned the UK, USA and other countries against interference in the affairs of Nigeria as a “message from table of an ingrate.”

According to Frank, Buhari wouldn’t have become president today if not for the intervention of international community in 2015 who prevailed on the then government of Goodluck Jonathan to allow free and fair election.

He said it is surprising that Buhari who praised the efforts of UK, US and others prior to his emergence in 2015 is now asking the same international community to keeo quite in the face of his undemocratic and dictatorial tendencies in the country.

“Before 2015, Buhari did not tell those countries to back up when he was enjoying their support. When he was sick and badly needed treatment, he didn’t threaten them.

When the country needed ammunition to fight Boko Haram, their intervention were important, when Buhari needed the return of Abacha loot, he went about begging but for selfish reason, he doesn’t want a foreign intervention now. Of course, the tyrannical tendency in the former dictator wouldn’t allow democratic societies’ influence.”

Frank said it will be difficult for a “dictator like president Buhari, who has lost popularity for re-election and unfortunately surrounded himself with so many arrogant APC leaders to allow rule of law reign because rigging the coming election is paramount to them.

“During Buhari military rule in the ’80s, Nigeria became a pariah nation. Nigerian masses suffered unnecessary hardships caused by Buhari and his junta. The Western world imposed bans because of his dictatorship. It took several years of IBB rule and finally 8 years of President Obasanjo civilian administration to reverse Buhari’s blunders.

“Once again, the ground is being set for a repeat of foreign ostracism. History is about to be repeated by this irresponsible APC and Buhari government. APC and Buhari are determined to win at all costs; they care less whether Nigeria is plunged into nationwide crisis or even war.

“Unless Nigerians of goodwill (across party lines) act fast, the likelihood of our downward slide into authoritarianism and constitutional crisis is imminent.”

Frank also urged the international community not to keep quiet especially as the country prepare for the general elections.

Comrade Timi Frank
Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary

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