ERA In A Meeting with Various Groups In The UK over Restructuring.

ERA, a group championing for the interest of the people of the Old Eastern Region has intensifying actions to ensure Atiku/Obi comes to the UK to give more insight on which sort of restructuring he intends to engage on and how he will ensure the National Assembly backs him, various groups in the UK have shown interest to be part of the programme.

The ERA National President, Ejike Ikezuagu released this information yesterday, Saturday after a meeting with the various groups.

The meeting which took place in Catford, London UK, he maintained that ERA will not be carried away with a mere handshake and the oral agreement that took place in Enugu between the Igbo leaders and Atiku.

The ERA President, Ejike Ikezuagu said, ERA as a group and a political bloc for the people of the old eastern region will always respect the elders from the region, but said ERA will always stand firm and focused to their course.

He described Prof. Ben Nwabueze as a colossus and a man whose legacy will always remain indelible for posterity.

Hon. Ikezuagu upheld and praised the meeting the Igbo leaders had with Atiku and also described the hug given to Atiku by Prof. Ben Nwabueze as “touching” and requested Atiku to come to London to discuss with ERA and various groups.

ERA said, they want to have an “Agreed Written Document” (AWD) with Atiku concerning the restructuring of Nigeria and how it will be restructured. They maintained that if Atiku is serious on his words, he should come to the UK to explain to the groups, and if done, the totality of the people of the old eastern region and all the groups in the region will ensure he wins the election in the region, the groups said.

The ERA who is championing this course has been praised by various groups and individuals for standing firm and focused.

ERA was asked to keep it up.

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