War is Avoidable.

War is avoidable. There will be no war.
Iran will respond by attacking American interests in the region.
America will say there’s no evidence linking Iran to the attacks.
A war with Iran will kill hundreds of thousands but will ultimately upend America’s century and empire.
All empires have been ended due to overreach.
The Austrian- Hungarian empire ended after they engineered World War 1 over death of Archduke Ferdinand in the streets of Sarajevo. The British empire collapsed after it joined the Allied powers to confront Germany during World War 2.
America rescued Britain but at a price: dismantling of their empire.
With the growth of China, a war with Iran will almost certainly cost America, their interests in the middle east , including their priced bases in the Gulf.
The war will ensure the dollar will loose it’s status as the world’s currency. If that happens, The American empire as we know it will come to shuddering halt.
For these reasons, America cannot afford a war with Iran.
They will certainly win the war but at a huge costs to Americans yet unborn.

Uchenna Nzekwe.

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