The Time Is Youth O’clock!

Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, very vibrant youth of our time, able and capable in all ramifications, tested and trusted in all forms our ever ready, reliable and youth friendly leader. The era of youth o’clock has come, a time for the youths to arise and take over the mantle of leadership, I therefore urge all and sundry to vote for ugwumba uche nwosu for Governorship I promise he will never disappoint you as I know that all expecially the youths will benefit a lot once UUN is been sworn in as Governor of Imo State come 2019.

I urge all the youth to come together and speak with one voice to take full charge and make sure we deliver our booths in the up coming general election. We should not be deceived this time by some political elites,we are no longer the leaders of tomorrow rather we are the leaders of today because tomorrow have refused to come, enough is enough,you will agree with me that the youths have suffered a lot in the hand of detractors,the youth are only remembered during electoral period, for all sorts of electoral misconducts such as electorial violence, ballots snatching etc,they have failed to realize that youths are also responsible for free,fair and credible elections.You find out that the youths account for about 70 percent success in every election,still the youth are being left out in the scheme of work.

UUN has come to break this generic chain to enable the youth become relivant in our society today. Ugwumba is our project, let’s all hand be on deck. Ugwumba has empowered so many youths which I’m one of them,his track record, achievement and antecedents speaks volume. Like they said,power should be given to those that have the capacity to deliver, please permit me to announce to you that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu have the capacity and Imolites have testified that. UUN has contributed his quota empowering the youth and he will do more when he becomes the Governor of Imo State come 2019.

Vote God fearing.
Vote Credibility.
Vote Accountability.
Vote Tested and Trusted.
Vote Youth O’clock

Comrade Ezenwa Akuta
Chairman ObiAno Youth Forum Nkwerre-Isu- Nwangele-Njaba (NINN) Federal Constituency

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