The New World Order (Corona Virus).

Never in the history of humanity have we seen anything like the Corona Virus. What began in Wuhan District, China  about December 2019, has spread to 148 countries as at 21st March 2020. The world is actually a global village more connected than ever before. This pandemic has devastated many countries. Almost every country of the world (France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc) is in lock down and finalcial/economic/social meltdown follows almost immediately. Many countries are shutting their borders too. World economy is grinding to a halt. Is this the end of the world or beginning of a new world? Death rate occasioned by this virus is on the increase in Italy, Spain, UK, Iran etc. China has recorded decreases in death rates but the virus is still there. The world has united for one purpose to fight Corona Virus, which is now the new world order.

The impact of atomic bomb (plutonium or uranium) is likely going to be a child’s play when compared with Corona virus.The Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster of 1986 is nowhere near. No one knows where this will lead to. Panic buying to stock up food items are on the rise. The world is witnessing global pandemic and panic as the same time. To say it as it is, situation is critical and worrisome. However, humanity will survive this, but at what cost?

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Below was a video made by the author, reinforcing the need for social distancing in the wake of people not taking government advice serious.

Corona Virus: Nigerians and Zimbabweans Better Wake Up.




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