The Impunity In Our Judicial System: A Slow March To Our Democratic, Political System and Development.

By :Ojukwu Leonard :

The Public Relations Officer ,National Association Of Nigerian Students Diaspora ,( NANS Dias ) Comr Ojukwu Leonard asks Justice Muhammed Idris to search his conscience Over His Excellency Dr Orji Uzor Kalu bail revoke, describes it as the height Of Judicial Murder And Injustice In The history of Nigerian Judicial system.

It’s sad to say that a country which is still developing as ours at this point is still battling with Judicial stability,its very disappointing that Nigeria judiciary and legal system which is meant to be the last hope of the common Nigerian man is still very biased and compromised,its highly regreatable and very disappointing to note that a legal giant and figure such as Justice Muhammed Idris of the Federal High court Lagos whom should be an epitome of fairness,equity and justice to the upcoming legal practitioners after many years in legal struggle will condescend and associate with judicial murder.

Chief Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, the former governor of Abia state is a Nigerian business tycoon who from his youthful period has made billions and became financially stable even before joining the PDP and going into partisan politics ,a philanthropist and an Igbo political figure ,a man whose leadership series remains unquestionable and is characterised with humility, sincerity and good integrity.

It should be worthy to note here, that Dr Orji Uzor Kalu since the filling of this case by enemies of democracy and core enemies of Ndi-Igbo from 2005 up till now have never missed out from appearing in any court session and one should wonder why a legal calibre like Justice Idris should allow himself to be toyed or used as a political tool in the hands of enemies of Ndi Abia North,the entire Ndi-Igbo and indeed in the hands of desperate power mongers ,this singular act of revoking a bail against a saint is a rape to justice therefore calls for total criticisms and total rejection by every good Nigerian.

I am not writing to intimidate or insult the personality of Justice Idris Muhammed but we must all at some point in life defend the truth, come together in one voice and call a spade, a spade.,what we read from the book ,THE INCORRUPTIBLE JUDGE authored by D. Olu Olagoke is now opposite of what we perceived in the rulings of Justice Idris.It will be worthy to note that Justice Idris Muhammad alongside Justice Kolawale and Justice Binkiso we recently promoted to the court of Appeal, while others honoured their promotion, it will be sad to note that Justice Idris is yet to accept his promotion. One may wonder if he Justice Idris has a special and specific interest in this matter despite the fact that Dr Orji Uzor Kalu has before him tendered letter of exemption on medical grounds. One may further wish to ask ,do justice Idris value a case which he has already received a letter of exemption base on medical grounds more than Orji kalu’s life,knowing full well that there are thousands of Nigerians under his payroll and he is among the people holding the country’s economy.

I am not APC or PDP neither are my a politician nor have interest in partisan politics, but I remain a strong advocate of good and exemplary leadership, fair judgement irrespective of who is involved. If at this point when Nigerians are eager and crying for progress in the judiciary and other sectors then the judiciary keeps on failing and still rigmarole when it comes to fairness and equity then there is doom awaiting us Nigerians and there’s no hope for sustainable democracy .A man who always appears before the court since 2005, but for once couldn’t appear based on medical grounds, you declare for his arrest ,this brings me to question and ponder, which judge in his right sense of equity and judgement will subject himself to what I call such a reckless and uncircumcised verdict without any form of remorse and care for his integrity. This is ridicule to our judicial and legal system and I criticise it in stronger terms.

I call on every well meaning Nigerians, lovers of democracy, comrades in struggle, political partisans and non partisans ,Ndi-Abia,especially Abia North, men and women from all works life to stand up and speak against this level of impunity and sacrilege occurring in our legal system,we must march actions against our common enemies who are against the progress of Abia North senatorial zone .

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