Senator Bukola Saraki: Kwara Property Scam.

How I wish Bukola Saraki have a flashback to 2003 when he became Kwara State Governor. For your information, especially for those who were young and did not know what really happened then in 2003.

1- Immediately he assumed office, he dissolved all the 16 LGAs Chairmen in Kwara State and replaced them with TIC Chairmen.

2- He dissolved all the Development Areas, DAs, created by Governor Lawal.

3- Bukola Saraki destroyed most of the legacy achievements and projects of ex-Governor Lawal and changed names of some projects to bear Saraki’s name.

4- He victimized ex-Governor Lawal and all his cabinet members even after they left office to the extent, some of them were chased out of Kwara State.

5- Idi-Ape, family compound of ex-Governor Muhammed Alabi Lawal was burned down to ashes by Bukola government.

6- Licence of a Nursery and Primary School duly owned by Mrs Aisha Lawal along Admiral Villa drive was revoked by Bukola government because she was ex-Governor Lawal’s wife.

7- Idi-Ape Dried Fish Market was relocated and moved away from Idi-Ape to Ipata Market because Saraki’s dynasty was fighting ex-Gov. Lawal.

There are numerous atrocities committed by Bukola Saraki against the ex-Governor Lawal. If your father illegally took into his possession Kwara State properties because he was all in all at the time in question, that does not stop a new government to revoke these properties for public use.

You maligned, disrespected, victimized, calloused and destroyed many before you. What goes around, surely comes around.

You are tasting out of the brute broth you prepared years ago. My advice to you as you said in your press release is to approach court of law for bitter taste of bile adjudication. Please stop disturbing the airways again. Cheers.

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