Prof Nwabueze and His Tears Before Atiku.

By Hon Ezebuiro Uchenna Nwakwoke Samuel LL.B Hons, London

The worst calamity that could befall a man is when he lies even to himself and it is absolutely impossible for the slave master to let the serving slave through whom his dynasty is sustained to go free.
Prof. Nwabueze shedding tears before Atiku was to demonstrate how irrelevant the Igbos have become in a Federation they founded and how now, they depend on the mercy of their oppressors for a crumb of the bread they single handedly baked. I had in my numerous writings reiterated that until the igbos understand the political game they cannot reposition themselves in the center of decision making in the Federation they founded. It seems to me that the igbos need to visit the Sorbibo or Auswitz to become more politically conscious and more resourceful in Political ideology.

Unity among the igbos has been the major factor that has kept them out of political decision making. They are so divided that forming a common front becomes absolute impossibility. Who to lead and who to be led has made the people wander and roam in Political desert without reaching their Promised land till now. Being well educated and enlightened they Igbos have been unable to forge a common front in confronting the challenges of the political Cum economic isolation which they found themselves after independence.

Greed and excessive desire for material wealth contributed to this igbo irrelevance in the political equation. When a brother accepts bribe to stand against his own in an election in which he should have stood to get the victory poses another anomaly. We cannot continue to swim in the big ocean where we will never be recognised rather, we should swim in the rivers and streams where our backs could be seen.

Prof Nwabueze with due respect as a constitutional lawyer cannot be taught the philosophy of power by some one of my type who is still an LL.B holder. But he should have know that no one can deliver my message better than I can do and that political promises are like promises made to prostitutes. Ndi Igbo cannot move forward until they are united in a single political party in which they are fully in charge of and that becomes a vehicle of negotiation and reconstruction of the gap of the past.

Ndi Igbo stabbed themselves massively when they folded their arms and watch their Strength being APGA led to rest, in short, Ndi igbo committed political suicide in switching APGA into PDP

Till now none among the thieves who parade themselves as Igbo politician has a vision and idea not even an agenda to repositioning of Ndi igbo in Nigeria.

Igbos being 40% of the indigens of other states in Nigeria with good political education and a good leader cannot be irrelevant in Nigerian politics. Our irrelevance is our mere creation and the political anarchy is actually what we made out of the system due to our greed and ignorance.

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