Peter Obi’s Manifesto is In Public Domain.

“There are no shortage of manifestos in Nigeria. Go to archives, u have a treasure trove of nicely written manifestos. So it is not about manifestos, we’ve gone past that stage. Any rookie or idle economist can put a Policy Document together.

So it’s about total commitment & the sincerity of purpose which are Peter Obi’s USPs. We don’t just want a THIRD PARTY Policy Document like the mumbo jumbo Atiku is parading, Obi wants to sell his own brain, & implement his own Original Ideas. That’s the way forward.

Enough of manifestos, tell Nigerians what u will do, but do that from the top of your head, NO WRITTEN THIRD PARTY SPEECHES. We need to assess what’s in your head, & know if it’s empty or loaded with Agbado. As marketers, sell urselves to us. We can only buy the best product.

On a lighter note, Nigerians must look for consistency in speech & in body language. Between Peter Obi & Atiku, who’s consistent since the build-up? What does their body languages say? Tinubu is out of the picture, he should continue to hide in mama’s kitchen.

BAT hinges his hopes on INEC & rigging, but he’ll be disappointed when the time comes. There’ll be zero tolerance to rigging. It’s being arranged. So these are the issues, I lay them before Nigerians to see. Feb is unique, jettison those permutations & mappings, they’ll fail u.

There’s been no election with 3 major candidates since the Awos, Ziks & the Balewas. My advice is; “sell Peter Obi massively, but do that at the grassroots. Spare no expense.” Grassroots is where the battle is fought & won. Do that for yourselves & your families, not for Obi.

You need a working Nigeria more than anyone else. So I urge you to keep fighting. Arm yourselves with PVCs & do that on time. Tell 10 people about Peter Obi everyday. Reach out to our market women & artisans. God bless you as you do so”.



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