On Zamfara, on Yari.

I marvelled at President Muhammadu Buhari’s courage as he had the audacity to visit Zamfara State for his Campaign rally. Everyday, the news of the mayhem in some part of the state reached us. Poor people are being killed, kidnapped and burnt alive. It becomes the order of the day to such an extent that the Media has stopped reporting such news of this kind. Yet, I haven’t heard a single word of sympathy that he publicly said to these people to condemn such merciless activities by the armed bandits/ to use the power bestowed upon him as the number-one- Chief Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to stop these merciless perpetrators but unfortunately, he went there to seek their permission for the return of him as a President. What a shame!

If there’s something I detest among President Muhammadu Buhari’s attitudes is his nonchalance attitude to the suffering of the masses and the feeling he holds in his heart that he do us a favor by becoming our President. His arrogance, and utterances that has to do with zero control of how he said his words.

And yet another annoying thing was the fact that, their Governor had publicly at the Campaign arena said that, what they’ve been witnessing in Zamfara State was a test by God, and by the will of Allah according to him, they will pass the test. All these killings, kidnappings and burning people a live was introduced by God.

This is not the first time, this clueless, irresponsible, a dumb-like Governor made such assertion. Everything that has happened in the State, every ill act was introduced by God, and therefore, whatever Zamfara is witnessing now is also a form of test by God. The most astonishing fact was that, he was making the speech at the presence of Buhari, the man who many including Zamfara people regards as Messiah, someone introduced by God to alleviate their day-to-day sufferings -the only saintless man on planet Earth.

I don’t know the kind of heartless person Governor Yari of Zamfara is, I also don’t know whether he understood how God tests his Servants. I don’t know which God he worships; for the God we know would never afflict people with such kind of merciless killings. My God is الرحمن, and الرحيم. My God was/is never a dictator; he alleviates pain, and he never burdened a soul unless with that which she can bear.

I, among other many people pray for the repose of the departed souls of the people of Zamfara State. And we would continue to pray until a maximum security is restored in Zamfara State. Our hearts and prayers are with you. May God alleviate upon you all kind of pain that has mercilessly been introduced to bereaved you of any peace. Ameen❗

And to our Leaders: Shame on you. May you reep what you sow.

Aysha Mahmoud,

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