No Tribe is United In Nigeria.

When some people refer Igbo leaders as self centered and lack of unity, well no tribe or region is united. Politics all over the world is about personal interest, self and opportunities. Let me take you thru the memory lane.

1.In 1976, Gen Gowon sponsored a coup thru Col Dimka and killed then Head of State, Gen Murtala Muhammed. North Central against North West.
2. In 1979, Gen Obasanjo frustrate Pa Awo from being the President of Nigeria. Both men are from Ogun State. South West against South West.
2a. In 1979 Zik was in NPP while Chief Alex Ekwueme was in NPN. Both prominent Igbo sons.
3. In 1983, Chief MKO Abiola worked against Pa Awo from becoming the Nigerian president. Both men were Yorubas from Ogun State, South West Nigeria.
4. In 1983, Gen Buhari toppled Late Alhaji Shehu Shagari. Buhari is from Katsina State and Shagari from Sokoto State. Both men are from North West, ie North West against North West.
5. In 1985, Gen IBB toppled Gen Buhari. IBB from Niger State North Central against Buhari from Katsina, North West. Both were Muslims.
6. In 1986, Gen IBB killed Maman Vatsa on charges of coup, which Gen Domkat Bali then Defence Minister expressed doubt about its authenticity. Both men were from same Niger State, North Central.
7. In 1994, Shonekon agreed to head the Interim government, against his own kinsman Abiola who was in prison. Both men are Yorubas from Ogun State, South West.
8. In 1997, Gen Abacha from Kano State killed Yar Adua from Katsina State, both men from NW.
9. In 1999 the Yorubas voted against their own Obasanjo.
10. Obasanjo never won Lagos State in his entire eight years in power. Obasanjo withheld the payment of local government allocation to Lagos State for 8 years. He was at logger heads with then Lagos State Gov Bola Tinubu. Both men are Yorubas, from South West Nigeria.
11. During the APC Presidential Primaries in 2014, the following contested, Mohammed Buhari (NW), Atiku Abubakar (NE), Rabiu Kwankwaso (NW), Sam Nda-Isa (NW) Aminu Tambuwal from Sokoto State later withdrew. NW against NW against NE
12. In 2019, the following contested during the PDP Presidential Primaries at Port Harcourt, (a) Atiku Abubakar from NE (b) Rabiu Kwankwaso from NW (c) Sule Lamido from NW (d) Ibrahim Shekarau from NW (e) Aminu Tambuwal from NW (f) Ahmed Makarfi from NW (g) Bukola Saraki from NC (h) Attahiru Bafarawa from NW (i) Ibrahim Dankwambo from NE (j) Tanimu Turaki from NW (k) Datti Ahmed from NW (l) Jonah Jang from NC (m) Senator David Mark from NC. NW vs NW, vs NE, vs NC
13. Ex Rivers State Gov Amaechi worked against President Goodluck re-election in 2015. Both men are from South South.
14. Ashipa of Oyo, Chief Amuda Olorunosebi filed a suit against the installation of MKO Abiola as Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land.
15.  Late Gen Abacha deposed Sultan Dasuki. Gov Ganduje deposed Sanusi as Emir of Kano.
16. No tribe or region can claim to be united, SE is not an exception. The constant narrative to single out only South East as disunited is with bad intents to portray the region and tribe in bad light. Ironically some Igbos have bought into this wrong narrative.

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