Metele Boko Haram Attack.

The killing of more than one hundred gallant Nigerian soldiers by the terrorist Boko Haram group has cast a pall in this year’s Christmas celebrations. These were brave men and women who are in the front lines everyday while fighting to protect Nigerians.

May their souls Rest In Peace.

Every day, soldiers, farmers and innocent Nigerians are killed by this blood thirty group whose mission and objectives still defies logic. It is heartbreaking!

The internecine bloodletting and the general insecurity in the land have combined to relegate Nigeria back to the stone. No country in the world has ever experienced such a political and social upheaval to come out unscathed.

In fact, it is so heartbreaking, especially for a country like Nigeria which held a lot of promise at the dawn of independence in the sixties for all black people around the world; a country which was seen as a litmus test for black people to prove their mettle in building their own civilization; a country with the largest gathering and assemblage of black people in the world; a county that was hailed as the pride of Africa.

And so, almost 60 years since after independence, with many Asian countries with whom Nigeria shared the starting block taking off with rapid speed and most of them like South Korea even competing today with America, Britain and other western nations on the world’ s trade , business, technology and financial markets while Nigeria is left behind, languishing in the doldrums of uncertainty; unsure of which path to tread 58 years after the night skies at Tafewa Belewa square were lit with fireworks signaling independence.

Indeed, one may be tempted to blame the vacuous leadership of successive military governments over the years, but, how can one justify the present leadership with which Nigeria is saddled?

How did the power brokers in Nigeria succeed to hoodwink the population into accepting this mediocre leadership at the helm? How?

What has become of the cornucopia of eminently qualified economists, and other Nigerians who have proven their worth by helping to salvage other failing economies around the world?

Is it not unconscionable that Nigerian soldiers are sent to the battle field without proper combat gear and aerial coverage?

Did Buhari not move the military headquarters to Maidugiri in the hope of stemming the tide of this Boko Haram insurgency?

Could it be that Nnamdi Kanu is right in his bold assertion that an imposter from Sudan is in charge of Nigeria?

Otherwise, why have the Federal Government not unleashed fury on Boko Haram to solve this menacing problem…. once and for all.. why?

Charles Abazie

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