Mbaka’s Prophetic Pyrotechnics.

By Ori Martins

Make no mistake about it. Reverend Father Camilus Ejike Mbaka, popularly known as Mbaka, is a fiery priest of the Catholic Church. He is luturgically charistimatic and eccesiastically chaotic. He possesses magnetic influence and a high degree of influenza. His followers hold him in high esteem and cheer him on, the same way his traducers hold him down and jeer at him. As the chief priest of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, AMEN, centre, Mbaka, from all recorded accounts, is an anointed man of God who has prophetically annoyed many of God’s creatures.

I was on Christmas holidays when the news filtered through that Mbaka had prophesised or predicted about the sudden dethronement of Governor Emeka Ihedioha from the Imo State Government House and the eventual elevation of Senator Hope Uzodinma as the next governor of the Eastern Heartland enclave. I missed the prophetic drama because I switched off my communication gadgets during the Christmas period. And I also missed Pastor D. K. Olukoya’s bomb as he characteristically insisted that Christmas was a fetish festival.

The fact remains that Mbaka is not a frivolous priest though most of his spiritual actions do not have Catholic imprimatur even as they lack dogmatic ordinances. Yet his utterances – both prophesies and predictions – have yielded posetivities and negativities. This signifies that Mbaka is not perfect. He is like any other mortal or prophet that has ever lived either now or in the past. This was why he wrongly predicted the outcome of the 2003 governorship election in Enugu State. He had proclaimed it to high heavens that then Governor Chimaraoke Nnamani would not be re-elected. He even threatened to de-robe himself of his priestly regarlia if Nnamani emerged. Of course, the then PDP governor got re-elected. Did God speak to Mbaka? No. Or, he misunderstood what God told him. Mind you, Mbaka could be said to have predicted carnally because it was alleged that government security personnel attacked and murdered some of his adoration members at the time and so his outburst against Nnamani was more of a revenge than a divine message.

Mbaka is not the only ordained minister of God who has represented God falsely. Recall that just recently, Pastor David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel Church made it clear that Predident Buhari would not return for second term in 2019. Tension was high because Oyedepo is not just the richest pastor in the world, he also has the biggest church building by global rating. His teachings are compelling just as his audience is in millions. However, Buhari got a comfortable re-election. Where did Oyedepo get his message?

Again, Reverend Christie Okotie, a musician turned man of God, in 2007, informed Nigerians that the Almighty had anointed him to succeed then exiting Predident Olusegun Obasanjo. He ran a massive presidential campaign, spent millions of naira in the media and toured the country during the electioneering. Sadly he failed. Did God speak to him? I don’t think so.

Equally, in the run up to America’s last presidential election, highly influential Pastor T. B. Joshua predicted that Mrs Bill Clinton would win the race. Quite unfortunately she lost. Rather, Donald Trump, against all odds, emerged victorious. So, where did Joshua get his proclaimination from? From God or god or human imagination?

Let us even agree that God spoke to Mbaka. On this grounds, theologians can confirm that not all of God’s ordinances or prophesies from established prophets of old got fulfilled the way they were decreed. There are even God’s inclinations the Almighty himself overlooked. For instance, God created Adam and Eve to live perpetually in the Garden of Eden. But the first man and woman disobeyed their creator and were sent packing. It was even recorded in Genesis that God regretted creating man! Two, God called Moses and told him he (Moses) would lead Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. However, God changed his mind and Joshua, rather than Moses, led Israelites to their convernant abode. Even, Hezekiah got a prophesy he would soon die. But he prayed and God added more 15 years to his life span. Taken together, prophesies can be re- choreographed using appropriate sacrementals!

Despite Mbaka’s seemingly remarkable and spectacular shows as a miracle worker, he easily comes off as a varigiated salesman rather than an immaculate prophet. Remember, he correctly predicted the fall of Chief Ikedi Ohakim as Imo State governor in 2011 but made a dramatic volte face years later by insisting the man never flogged a priest after having released an album with a hit -track “onye para Fada utari anaghi achi anyi”. In the same manner, in 2014, he received Jonathan’s wife and eulogized the then president. But on December 31 same year, he made a somersault by describing Jonathan as a Badluck while labeling Buhari as the messiah Nigeria needed. Expectedly, Jonathan lost. Buhari won and he was invited to Ask Rock. Yet the messiah has yet to redeem Nigeria as the country’s woes worsen by the day.

Shortly before the 2019 elections, Mbaka invited politicians to his arena for a ceremony. Hope Uzodinma was there on behalf of Predident Buhari. Peter Obi was also there to represent Atiku Abubakar, who just emerged as PDP’s presidential candidate. Mbaka forced Obi to make public what Atiku had to present to his church. Obi refused and stood his ground. Mbaka made jest of Obi, Atiku and PDP. On the other hand, Uzodinma made a public donation and Mbaka praised him, Buhari and APC. Now, it is time for prophesy and Mbaka is seeing Hope in Imo State Government this 2020. Can’t we deduce that there is a point of contact between the seed sowing of Uzodinma the last time he visited Mbaka’s church and the December 31 prophecy in his favour?

Lastly, I can tell you that Mbaka is like the madman at the market square whose lunatic utterances are occasionally meaningful even as they come to fruition. You don’t take such elements for granted because you don’t know when their word will come to pass or come to naught. Yes. Mbaka saw hope, not Hope, in the revelation God passed to him on December 31, 2019. Mbaka thought the hope he saw was a future Hope Uzodinma but it was not. What was revealed to him was the present hope glittering all through the space of Imo State through the ingenious administration of Ihedioha. Even a blindman can behold it. As I stated above, any prophesy can be countered, let PDP use its own men of God to counter Mbaka’s December 31 prophetic pyrotechnics in favour of Uzodinma.


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