Judgement of Confussion.

I’m really taken aback by the judgment of the supreme court in Ihedioha’s case to the extent of recognizing Hope Uzodinma as the APC Candidate in the Imo Guber Polls.

2 weeks ago,the Supreme Court delivered a judgment to the effect that Uche Nwosu(Okorocha’s Son -in-law) stands disqualified from the Governorship contest in Imo State on the grounds of double Nomination from APC and AA.
This implies that he was the candidate of both Parties to the exclusion of any other person.
Now,if Uche Nwosu was nominated by APC as its candidate and disqualified by the court pronouncement after the election without legal opportunity for APC to substitute his candidature(as the window allowed by the Electoral Act no longer exist because of effluxion of time) with Hope Uzodinma,when did Hope Uzodima now declared winner of the election by the Supreme Court become candidate of the APC?
If Hope Uzodinma was APC candidate for the Imo Guber election,it therefore implies that Uche Nwosu was not guilty of Double nomination.
I can’t really wrap my head around these judgments.
Can some one help with more jurisprudential insight, pls.

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