I am a communicant by birth , I have seen Nigeria from a larger perspective.I strongly know that religion is not our problem .Yes I was a strong advocate of religious politics but after the emergence of late MKO/Kingibe, a Muslim, Muslim ticket I backed down.Nigerians voted enmass for the ticket.

I have since come to know that religion is not an issue in Nigeria.One Must ask how come Senator Ahamed Tinubu married a pastor of Redeemed background , made her First Lady and two time Senator ? If he could not Islamize his family, how can anybody suggest that he would Islamize Nigeria.

Even our Pope visited Muslim countries and prayed for them.If I could remember, General Abacha was Head of State when His Holiness visited Nigeria.Also during Shagari.

I strongly know that religion is not our main problem. People should stop hiding under it to play politics. How did Tinubu perform as a governor in Lagos ? He has many prominent Nigerians as friends he helped to prominent posts. Truth must be said. He still commands influence across Nigeria.

I, so submit. I know the sentiments but it is imaterial as no sane human being could Islamize Nigeria in 4 years or 8.My position is Tinubu prepared well to bid for Presidency and he is on track to actualize it . He would be a good president by God’s grace.

Nze Elvis.


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