Is Governor Ikpeazu Still In The Race?

By Okey Amuta

The South East Rally of the All Progressive Congress,held in Umuahia recently, was a blast of fire.It exploded right in the face of the incompetent and grossly corrupt Governor of Abia State.

The National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, released the fire bomb, and it hit its mark with the highest accuracy.

A glimpse of the fact in issue here,will throw some light, and I quote the Comrade
”Ikpeazu Begged Me Not To Sack Him As Governor, Offered To Deliver Buhari As President”

”Ikpeazu Embezzled Bailout Funds ,Promised Me To Betray Atiku At ‘ Presidential Elections’

”Ikpeazu collected the APC government bailout fund from President Buhari and embezzled it. Buhari gave him that money specifically to pay Abia workers but Ikpeazu collected it and shared with his PDP friends. Today Abia State workers are owed for 9 months.”

”President Buhari gave Ikpeazu the Paris fund twice, some States just received once but Ikpeazu collected the Paris fund and ended up in Paris, France, with his family and the good people of Abia are suffering today”

”He came to me begging for support in the 2019 elections, that he will give Buhari 25% votes in Abia. I told him: Ikpeazu, it is you that I will give that 25% vote s.I asked him, are we writing results or we are talking about the people’s votes? I want to thwart that rumour that we are supporting Ikpeazu.”

Waoo! I weep for my State. I weep profusely and unconsolably because with people like Ikpeazu, there is no longer hope for the people unless they resolutely take their fate in their own hands come general elections, 2019.

I am waiting to see what PDP members will do after this revelation. Are there still credible people in that party of no conscience? As with the average Nigerian politician, will PDP in Abia state try to explain away this irreparable damage?

Come to think of this critically: where will Okezie Ikpeazu get the 25% votes he is promising Buhari? Before making such a promise, did he have any consideration for a free and fair elections that will take into account the will and resolution of the people for self determination?

Ahh!! Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is a liar! Will that not be the response of someone caught red handed with his hand deep inside a pot of soup?

Betrayal!! That is the name of Okezie Ikpeazu’s plan and action. In my world, and I believe, in the world of any man of integrity, betrayal is the greatest sin. It is treasonable.This is more so when it is perpetrated by the very custodian and leader of the struggle. In this case,what will Ikpeazu tell Atiku, his presidential candidate, and overall leader of the PDP?

It is good to be ambitious and hardworking. What is debasing and dangerous is inordinate ambition. It can lead to anything imaginable. It can lead to stealing, robbery, anything and everything, including witchcraft.

The greatest crime committed against the people of Abia, was to give power to a poor man; a man without pedigree; a man who obtained his first international passport after becoming Governor. With such a background, what good did anybody think would come out of this Nazareth?

I call on Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, imposed Governor of Abia state, to resign now and withdraw from the race for re- election. You have now lost all credibility. You do not need to be reminded now that you have become an endangered species. President Buhari will. come after you. Atiku Abubaka will come after you and the memory of what you did to The Ngwa Nation would hunt and haunt you for ever.

This is your political good night!
Run now!!

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