Gov. Emeka Ihedioha Wept.

You see this picture, it was taken obviously by one of the closest aides to ousted Emeka Ihedioha of Imo. This picture was taken when Emeka slumped to the weight of the Supreme Court verdict maybe. Rather than join in his low moment, this aide decided to take this picture and send to the world. This photo has circulated already in million shares.

This is what happens when you are surrounded by those you think are your friends or family members. They are the first to scorn you when things go bad- while things luxuriate in good, they are everywhere around you. The bible described them as hypocrites while the Quran painted them as ‘Munafiqun’. They are your albatross and sell you off when the tide changes. We have them everywhere as long as we live.

One thing they fail to understand is the reality that once you are uprooted, they will also lose their bearings. This is the sad reality of evil people who disguise as friends and families. In their quest to see you fall, they forget that they are also falling with you. Indeed only man kills without eating his game.

Dangerously musing.


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