Just imagine that there was a functioning general hospital at that Mbano axis with a theatre, blood bank and a general surgeon on call. Ototo nwa would have had a chance of survival. Now look at the distance between Mbano and FMC Owerri. The bad roads and the traffic at Orji. As soon as I saw the picture of him on the floor, I knew he had no chance. An AK47 bullet is not a toy. He was definitely going to bleed out before getting to the nearest standard health facility.

APC/AA politicians were praising Rochas as he was going round the state deceiving himself in the name of building 27 General hospitals. In the end, the hospitals ended up as abodes for reptiles. Unfortunately, Ototo nwa, an APC/AA chieftain turned out as a high profile victim of this deception.

When a friend of mine was leaving Nigeria for Canada not long ago, I asked why he was leaving his job and the comfortable life he has in Nigeria to start all over abroad. He said “Obi, it’s not that straightforward. Even if you feel you’re wealthy in Nigeria, you still can’t escape the general hardship. The inadequate healthcare, the insecurity, the bad roads and mad traffic, the pestering relations, etc”

As a politician amassing wealth, you might be thinking that Indian and South African doctors are there when you need medical attention. But your orderly can have accidental discharge and despatch you to the great beyond while your people are looking for the nearest general hospital.
Your driver might lose control of your car at top speed due to bad road and the car will tumble and damage your spine. And due to the fact that we have no ambulance service in Nigeria, passers-by will try to move you into a pickup to carry you to the hospital, and in the process will cause a total transection of your spinal cord, and you die or become paralysed even before they start talking about flying you abroad.

Today, it is Ototo nwa, tomorrow it might be Owelle. It might be anyone of us. The lesson of the dead is for the living. If you find yourself in a position of public trust, take your job personal and do it as if you are doing it for yourself and your family. We’re all rushing abroad, forgetting that people working in those countries never joked with public funds because they wanted to create better lives for themselves and their families.

May the soul of Ndubuisi Emenike rest in peace. I pray God looks at his good deeds and grant him eternal rest.
Written by Obinna Ihemedu.


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