Fela Kuti’s Encounter With A Revenue Collector.

Fela Kuti was once accosted by the revenue dept of lagos state to pay service charges for running a night club, The African Shrine.

Revenue Officer: “Baba, we have come to remind you that you are owing about 5 years arrears of payment”
Fela: “Look my friend, dat church in front” pointing to Apostolic Church on Pepple Street that shared neighborhood with the Shrine- ” have they paid?”

Revenue Officer: Haaa Baba, that is is a church naah”

Fela: Oh dat na church, so what do you call here?”

Revenue Officer: “African Shrine!

Fela: Look my friend can’t you see that you’re suffering from colomentality?

The white man called his place of worship Church and you don’t tax him and Fela called his own African Shrine and you are asking for tax! Are you and your govt okay?”

Renenue Officer: “But Baba, you sell drink and smoke here and play music and collect gate fees naah!”

Fela: ” You’re a su egbe, the difference between African Shrine and the Church is that here I collect my offering and tithe at the gate. But those people are thieves. They ask you to come in free of charge and later line you up to pay your gate fees which they call offering and tithe. If you still don’t understand, take me to court and we go meet una there”

End Of Discussion!

Source: (Unknown Author).

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