Ejike Mbaka and Governor Emeka Ihedioha.


(By Nathaniel I. Ndiokwere)

Perhaps you have a copy of “Only in Nigeria …..Elsewhere in America” or you are hearing about it for the first time? Whatever the case may be let me give you an idea of the book’s contents. Then reflect!

(1) It is only in Nigeria you experience such a phenomenon, how people and their leaders think, reason, behave this and that way. Nigeria is a a very strange country. (Never a ‘hate speech’, but a reality)

(2) It is only in Nigeria that Nomads, Homeless wanders from all over the globe, Cattle Rearers, Armed Herdsmen, and dangerous terrorist fighters, aka Boko Haram are allowed into a country without Visa! Their Mission: “Like Saudi Arabia or Dubai, to help industrialize Nigeria, establish companies that can offer jobs to millions of unemployed Nigerian youths. The Welcome visitors, as Tourists help to boost Nigerian economy!! Wow!

(3) It is only in Nigeria that borders are left open to terrorists, and dangerous criminals…….Elsewhere in America and Europe such fellows receive maximum punishment if they abuse nation’s immigration laws. Borders remain always closed. There are regulations or laws.

(4) It is only in Nigeria that “Lawmakers” do NO business, but fix fat and frightening salaries and gratuities for themselves, the largest in the world. What do they discuss if they ever gather? Nothing pertaining to the welfare of the downtrodden.

(5) It is only in Nigeria that the “Identity” of the nation’s president is under contention. Elsewhere in America or Europe, the ‘problem’ could have been laid to rest by simple interview granted to world journalists by the president’s wife.



(1) It is only in Nigeria that thousands of Pastors, Men and Women ‘of God’, Fake Prophets and Founders of Churches emerge everyday and “Churches” have become a nation’s most thriving business.

(2) It is only in Nigeria you find men and women (with soul and body), the educated and uneducated, great political leaders, even university professors, famous engineers, accomplished business men and women, become followers of Fake Prophets, Founders of mysterious Churches and Religious movements. Their intentions, aspirations, goals, “SEARCH FOR SECURITY AND PROSPERITY!” In these Churches no one hears about MORALITY AND CHRISTIAN VIRTUES. Followers DO whatever “Man of God” tells them!

(3) It is only in Nigeria that A CATHOLIC CLERIC like EJIKE MBAKA can dabble into politics, talk rubbish, insult the Catholic Church and her leaders and go unpunished…….Elsewhere MBAKA would have been censured, faculties to perform as CATHOLIC PRIEST removed. He could have been laicized or at least should have been defrocked!

(4) It is only in Nigeria that a CATHOLIC PRIEST can claim to have the gift of (unverified) PROPHECY. And this gift is limited to, confined to “Political Prophecies!”

(5) It is only in Nigeria that Nigerian “Prophets”, including EJIKE MBAKA, do not see any relationship between PROPHESYING AND PREACHING THE WORD OF GOD. If they have any ‘VISIONS’ of any dimension, they would have been “PREACHING” about the implications of (1) ISLAMIZATION AND FULANIZATION OF NIGERIA (2) RUGA (3) ANARCHY (4) DICTATORSHIP (5) VISA-FREE-NIGERIA (5) MARGINALIZATION (6) HERDSMEN (7) MIYETTI ALLAH (8) BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION (8) FALSEHOOD AND DECEPTION ….. The “Prophets” would have been carrying out the Gospel message of Christ; at least like the Prophets of the old they should have been calling all and sundry to Repent! BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION…….THE VULTURE HOVERS OVER THE HOUSE OF YAHWEH! (Hosea)


Just a word to Governor Emeka IHEDIOHA and IMO PEOPLE: Why utter a word in reaction to MBAKA frivolous Antics. EJIKE MBAKA needs our prayers; though this does not take away the “MBAKA BURDEN” from the shoulders of the CATHOLIC BISHOP CONFERENCE OF NIGERIA (CBCN).

We wish our governor God’s guidance and protection, as he works daily for the welfare of the people. The governor should not be distracted, but must focus on the right decisions and actions to develop Imo State. He must like ONUNAKA MBAKWE leave a verifiable LEGACY. As we watch and pray, it must be crystal clear to the governor, that this is his chance and he may not disappoint the people. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 AND GOD’S CHOICEST BLESSING!


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