EFCC Abuses The Process.

Why reactive rather than being proactive, lot could have been saved if prevention, detection rather than detterence were put in place to monitor and to review any incident of financial malfeasance in our financial system.

Let us restructure the system to avoid these stealings.

Restructuring does not means reallocation or transferring power and authority alone, but the instruments and institutions of it.

Our executives and our political appointees are taking advantange of these relapses to steal, and in fact to undermine and humiliate us and the system.

The public cannot do it, only you reps(govt) can, and if you are really serious about fighting corruption, you really have to tighten these loose ends.

The Efcc in my own understanding, are not doing anything, but just abusing the processes all about, they aren’t up to no good, other than committing further crimes under guises of protecting the public !

They all pretend doing their routines, but under- table, activities are ongoing ! We need to wake up.

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday.



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