Don’t Mind PDP, They Are Shameless,Hypocrites and A Laughable Stuff.

⁨Nchekwube Mike Ntodonke⁩.

I can remember, also every sane person on earth can remember when the Apex court under PDP in 2007 upheld the elections of Late President Umar M Yar’adua as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. When the President himself confirmed to the whole world that the elections that brought him to power was a flaw and rigged. In a simple note there was no elections.

I was working in Kano then, I can remember what happened in the state collation centre of the presidential election. At the time Results were still coming from various local government, Mr Maurice Iwu was in Abuja announcing results state by state including Kano state presidential results. He announced the allocated results to each states before the conclusion of the whole process. The then ANPP agent Alhaji Haruna Danzago raised an alarm at the center and Drew the attention of the INEC officials that there’s no point going ahead with this process of collation hence Mr Maurice Iwu had already announced Kano results for presidential election.

ANPP/General Muhammad Buhari went to the tribunal with the facts and evidence that there was no elections in 2007 but failed. He went to appeal court they dismissed his case and he took his appeal to the surpreme court but they upheld Maurice Iwu results

The same PDP that conducted the worse elections on earth, the same PDP that used the most corrupt surpreme court judges to upheld the worst elections on earth, are the same PDP today talking rubbish.

PDP are just shameless wallahi.


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