By Rev Fr DJC Attah.

It is ludicrously shameful that the political leaders of the South Eastern Nigeria have constantly failed to live up to the challenges of the region. They have continuously shown themselves as political puppets, too naive to make use of what they have, and incapable of protecting the interest of the people they represent.
Someone may say: _We do not have the constitutional right to do this or to do that!_
But does that not show that they are not only politically myopic but naive and unfit for anything serious?

*_You are talking about constitution?_*

1. Does Buhari have the constitutional right to import Fulanies from other countries and impose them on you?
2. Do the Fulani herdsmen have the right to rape your mother?
3. Does the president have the constitutional right to excuse the fulanies that kill the farmers in their own home land on the ground that they are herders from Niger republic?
4. Does the president have the constitutional right to give one hundred billion Naira to the very people that kill Nigerian people indiscriminately in the South and the Middle Belt?
5. Do the Fulanies have the right to kill the people you represent in their very home?
6. What constitutional right has the Fulani Nationality Movement to kill Nigerians at will, as they have severally owned up the massacre of some communities?
7. Does Fulani cow have the right to feed on your people’s crops?
8. Do the Fulanies have the right to force people out of their legitimate inheritance?
9. Does the president have the right to change the Chief Justice of Nigeria without the approval of the federal houses?
10. What constitutional right have the Fulanies to kidnap and demand ransoms for the release of Nigerians in their own very father land?

You are in a state of anarchy in which constitution has long been folded and suspended and you are talking about constitution and constitutional rights.

*_Do what is expedient, and stop invoking a dead constitution!_*

Thanks to the political leaders of the South Western states that recently decided to brake their own yoke of slavery. They jointly launched a security system “Operation Amotekun”, to protect their people and their properties. The political leaders in conjunction with the six governors of the South Western States successfully launched the security system, defying all the oppositions from the slave masters.

(Unfortunately, while the political leaders and the governors of the South West labour to defend their people and their properties, ours are ready to condone and compromise anything in order to become a good boys for the Fulanies, so that they may qualify for vice president under a Fulani or to be made a senator).
Igbo leaders, it may interest you to know that while you are scheming to betray one another for some money or one slavish office or the other, your counterparts in the North Central are working day and night to launch their own security system. They are wise enough to do the urgent thing because they are aware of the fact that:
_*Any race that has its existence threatened by extinction has self-defense as an unnegotiable duty.*_

Let this be clear to you: *Any region that fails to follow the example of the South Western States, has simply accepted to remain slaves of the Fulanies*. Hence, in perpetuity they will remain slaves, voiceless and subjected to the Fulani herdsmen. (Such people are at 99.9% risk of loosing their life and civilization).
It is also important to note that the enslavement starts with the Governors, Senators, International Business Men, Bishops, Church Founders, Priests, Igwes, Chiefs, Local Rich Men, Landlords, Professors, Doctors, Principals etc.
If you run away from the country, it makes your slavery worse, because you will live to mourn your homelessness.
*Come out of your naivety and do something now!*
Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah. (Living for Truth).


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