Coronavirus: When terrorism is no longer a threat.

By Abu Maigoro
04 March 2020

Since the inception of President Trump administration in 2016, the US – China trade dispute has undoubtedly express a great concern for the two world economy giants. And the effect of any diplomatic hostile between the two countries could cause global tension and economic contractions.

The Trump administration is trying to encourage the consumption of American products by imposing high tariff on the imported goods. According to The US has imposed tariffs on more than $360bn (£268bn) of Chinese goods, and China has retaliated with tariffs on more than $110bn of US products.
US President Donald Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft. But In China, there is a perception that America is trying to curb its rise as a global economic power. I think this perceptions is obvious looking at the pressure imposed on China by the Donald Trump administration and it’s allies in the europe.
China’s economy produced $25.3 trillion in 2018, according to the International Monetary Fund. That’s based on purchasing power parity which takes into account the effect of exchange rates. That makes it the best method for comparing gross domestic product by country. It also makes China the world’s largest economy. The European Union is second, at $22 trillion. The United States is third, producing $20.5 trillion.
China is gradually taken over the world using trade and technology as it’s weapons. They don’t acquire military base in any country. They don’t bombard or destroy any country. They don’t use military might to conquer and steal country’s natural resources. And it has never been part of the ally to destroy any nation. They don’t impose communism on any country. China is at peace with all nations and with all faiths. Their own method of conspiracy is to expose the monopoly of western product/ service by producing same quality at cheaper rate.
The conspiracy behind the creation of Coronavirus was *”to wage economic war on China”* According to Russian TV “Channel One” the Chinese coronavirus strain has been artificially created, and that US intelligence agencies or American pharmaceutical companies are behind it. Reports also suggest that various Western actors – pharmaceutical companies, the US or its agencies – are somehow involved in helping to create or spread the virus, or at least in spreading panic about it.
Similarly, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said “ US has unceasingly manufactured and spread panic,” at the beginning of this month about the coronavirus epidemic, which has now spread to much of China.​
Communist Party-controlled tabloid, has also accused the U.S. of “immoral” conduct and repeatedly claimed the West’s response to the disease is stained by “racism” and a “ ‘yellow peril’ mythology.”

Corona means Crown and they named it corona-virus because of the crown like spikes on the surface of virus. It’s a bioweapon, a deadly airborne disease, as this is viral pneumonia, antibiotics are of no use. The antiviral drugs we have against flu will not work. Now, China records more than 80, 000 cases, 2900 have died so far and the figure increases day by day.

The scientists all over the world are working to develop it’s cure and the vaccine for prevention.
Economic implications of coronavirus in China;

*China’s economic growth expected to slow to 4.5% in the first quarter of 2020 – the slowest pace since the financial crisis, according to a Reuters poll of economists.*

*Factory shutdowns are slowing the flow of products and parts from China, affecting companies around the world, including Apple and Nissan.*

*Businesses are dealing with lost revenue and disrupted supply chains due to China’s factory shutdowns, tens of millions of people remaining in lockdown in dozens of cities and other countries extending travel restrictions.*

This is happening at a time President Trump signed a peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The 13,000 US military forces to be withdrawn in fourteen month. This historic peace deal came few months after the US military suffered a heavy casualties in Iraq from the Iranian forces at the aftermath of the killings of General sulaiman.

The Global war on terror (Islam) seems to have come to an end because the new threat to the western world have emerged (China). Anti – Islamic rhetoric and hate crimes, which spiked immediately after September 11, 2001 and the wake – up call about the threat of Al – Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, and other militants who claim the banner of Islam is longer trending on the Western media. US had done a lot of damage to the Islamic world. Islam was misconcepted, it’s image has been tarnished and the world was misled to see Muslim as their enemies.

The conspiracy behind the creation of terrorists by the CIA was to destabilize the Muslim countries in order to steal their oil and other natural resources. President Assad of Syria would say, “US loots in every country they conquer” Now, all the media are no longer propagating terrorism. The trend is reoccupied with the story and the news of coronavirus and China as it fountainhead. Gradually, the world would soon forget about terrorism.

Abu Maigoro


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