Buhari Critics Are Misinformers.

Besides the so called Buhari critics are misinformers standing on the platform of ethnic chauvinism

They know what they are really wanting us to believe because let’s be sincere;

When the king from the North choose his bride from the South East; the King becomes the best and is loudly hailed from the South East – in totality.

But let the King from the North choose his bride from the South West the hating and the bickering from the South East gets to the high heavens.

And vice versa?

Who will forget Babaginda and South East and lately Goodluck and South East

At the other end of the scripture comes the very ambitious people who knows how to do it all and rousing for a portfolio- not knowing that it is easy to put ideas to paper until you sit in that seat; when on getting there one call from your Oba will erase all your ideas plans and activism.

As for the way forward;

I repeat my challenge to those interested in Nigeria and who claim to be progressives.

Let the work start by identifying progressives from South West, South East and the North.

Let there be a genuine team up of these progressives and see if the present leaders in Nigeria that my Jamaican friend call the blood line of slave drivers (catchers) and traders will not vacate the stage forever and be replaced by true rulers of Nigeria.

Then and thereafter all the symptoms we see today will be wiped out.

Until then let’s enjoy the lips servicing/ lips serving? Misinformation?


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