Brexit Done and Dusted: Implications for Nigerians.

The eleven (11) month transition period starts immediately from 1st February 2020 till 31st December 2020. During this time the status quo between UK and EU remains the same. This is the period UK will negotiate its future trade deals with EU. The outcome will obviously affect Nigerians. A case of when two elephants fight or make love the grass suffers.

Britain has revived their links with Africa with the just concluded UK African Summit held on 20th January 2020. Nigerian President Buhari attended. UK can now enter into direct trade deals with Nigeria. Previously it was EU trade with Nigeria. Meaning that Nigeria satisfied EU standards for any trade. It will now be British standards for Nigeria to satisfy. But there might be little or no change as British goods and services would flood the Nigerian market with few Nigerian goods and services in UK. Serious trade imbalance.

Nigerians living in UK without settlement visa or permanent status and those about to come will be concerned about their immigration status. It’s unclear what the post Brexit immigration policy will look like, but the author can predict tighter immigration controls, especially with the Conservatives in control of the government. However, others have argued that in order for the UK to boost trade with Nigeria, Africa and other Commonwealth countries, that British government could make immigration slightly easier. The only certainty about Brexit is uncertainty. Time will tell.



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