The Hausa-fulani political and social cultural elites have been threatening fire and brimstone ever since the launch of the Amotekun security outfit in the six South western States of Nigeria. Unfortunately, most Yorubas do not know why the Hausa-fulanis are bitter and enraged about the Security outfit. The following reasons are why the North is enraged about Amotekun.

1. Amotekun security initiative is a western Nigeria security initiative not a State sponsored initiative. It is also a regional security parastatal set up by all Yoruba Governors across party and religious divide in Yorubaland. The Amotekun initiative is also an ethnonationalistic security set up by Yoruba leaders to secure Yorubaland.

2. The Fulanis understand that the strength of the Yorubas, is in their unity and their collectiveness to fight any threat or injustice.

3. Fulani elites understand that the psyche of a Yoruba man is not tuned into the fraudulent 36 State structure of Nigeria but into the regional outlook to politics and economics in Nigeria. A typical Yoruba man is not attached to the useless States created by the Military in Nigeria but to Yorubaland and Yoruba civilization.

4. With the present Amotekun security set up, the Fulani North does not have the monopoly of violence to engage in a war of attrition in Yorubaland like they did in Benue, Kogi and Plateau.
5. They are afraid that the unitary system of government that they set up in order to turn the entire South into destitute is not working or it has not been successful in destroying Yoruba civilization via the fragmentation of Yorubaland into the 36 State structure.

6. The North has an agenda, which is to destroy the ethnic cohesiveness among the major ethnic groups in the South while maintaining their ethnic cohesiveness in the Hausa-fulani North.

7. The Feudal North is presently in dilemma because they are afraid of what the Yorubas are actually planning to do with the Amotekun security outfit.

8. Lastly, the Hausa-fulani North wants to have and maintain the monopoly of violence in Nigeria. Without the use of organized violence and state sponsored terrorism, the fulanis under the umbrella of the federal government cannot rule Nigeria.

In conclusion, something big is about to happen.
©Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo


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