The Waziri of Adamawa, whether in the coziness of his private jet or in his exquisite mansions in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, London, Qatar, Abuja, Lagos, Adamawa, name it, is not sleeping easy these days. He has stirred the hornet’s nest of bizarre politics of dissent. He is the hunter that is today being hunted by his many imponderables and anaemic contradictions.

His rebellious politics has come home to roost with him. After messing with Wike, he has now lost half of his political empire and with it has started the free fall long predicted. His pride has finally sounded the death knell. Let no one deceive you, Onyesom Nwike and his camp will wreck more havoc than the NPDP ably led by same Turakin did to PDP in 2015 that gave Buhari outright victory. But what exactly did Atiku do wrong?

Atiku met his match in Nwike but was deceived by his manipulated victory at the primaries into claiming triumphal winner takes all instead of working with Nwike for greater PDP. Popular wisdom demanded that Atiku pander to pragmatic ideals by embracing the man that was second best in the race to put their best legs forward in the battle ahead but he started the fulani guile of politics that will only work with mediocre southerners to continue their endless agenda of divide and rule symphony. Atiku needed the core Igbo to stay strong in the race to the presidency and if no core Igbo was in sight, should have gone for a strong Southsouth like Nwike. I do not know what exactly informed his choice of the Governor of Delta State as his VeePee against the advice of the PDP Committee that made the recommendations. This is where the rain began to beat Atiku and his presidential dream.

Atiku Abubakar has a penchant for betrayals, very slippery, mendacious, arrogant, guile, subterfuge, and with uncanny entitlement mentality. He has participated in all presidential race since 1992 without winning any. He’s close to 80yrs and still believes age can limit other persons but not himself. He acquired through heading the privatisation policies of the Obasanjo regime about 80% of the nation’s assets and businesses whereas non is making any returns to the Federal Government today while all the returns go to his personal till and over a million jobs were wiped out in the process. I’ve often wondered what is left for Atiku Abubakar to come and achieve for this nation.

Methinks and I stand to be corrected that Atiku’s coming this time around is to hold the PDP ticket for the fulani tribe since he’s about the only person that stood the chance to snatch it from the Igbos who’s time it was to win the PDP ticket in accordance with PDP constitution. Yes by virtue of PDP constitution, Atiku Abubakar acquired the PDP ticket illegally. This is how the mess was contrived.

Nwike used his petrol dollars to help to draft in Iyorchia Ayu as Chairman hoping that the later will help return him as duly elected at the primaries. Atiku comes in with more dollars like the thief at night to take over Nwike’s Castle resulting in Nwike’s loss at the primaries. Nwike now goes for Ayu’s jugular while Atiku, a master in quid pro quo politics becomes Ayu’s chief defender. In this Bermuda triangle of revenge, attrition and calumny, all three will pay the price of infamy. It is doubtful if the Party they all work for will walk free without losing the presidential race.

Odo Ijere, Okpotemba.


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