Amotekun: Igbos Are Standing With Yorubas.

“Most of the things Igbos are doing in Lagos, no one dares try such in their states.”

The above was a common saying among Yorubas in 2015 and also in 2019. But it was deeper than this.

While Hausa Fulani and the Northern establishment saw Buhari as their pet project, they left the job of fighting the Igbos squarely with the Yorubas.

And we did a good job of it. And while at it, the cabal was chuckling.

If you noticed, in 2015 and 2019, Hausas never fought the Igbos. But in Lagos, the anti-Igbo sentiment was so deep which culminated in violence that erupted at Ago Palace Way during the last election.

You remember the drowning in the Lagoon metaphor by the Oba of Lagos.

Successfully, the Northern cabal set the Southwest against the Southeast.

And what was the bait?


He was pushed forward as the poster boy of the administration. He practically led the campaign and the slogan: think Osinbajo, vote Buhari. We were made to believe that Buhari returning in 2019 was all Osinbajo needed for 2023.

Buhari returned and the daggers were out.

Now, Osinbajo has been reduced to a lame duck VP.

As Fulani herdsmen nearly turned the Southwest to a conquered territory, doing things they dare not try in their own areas, the idea of Amotekun came up.

And you know what? The Igbos are standing with the Yorubas as the North attempts to kill the idea.

Amotekun, even if it was a political gimmick on the part of the governors, might be one move the entire South needs to reset its political brains.

The game is on…
© Samuel O. Ajayi.


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