After Failing In All Their Antics: The Hyenas And Jackals Met In Bayelsa.

After Failing in all their Antics: The hyenas and Jackals met in Bayelsa.

Strange things happen in the Nigerian political space. Some unpatriotic Nigerians can burn Nigeria for political reasons.

It is no news that most killings in Nigeria are sponsored. Nigerians know that armed proliferation in the country is largely for political reasons than for any other criminal purposes. For those close to politicians, it is no news that desperate politicians can go to any length including killing to achieve their political ambitions.

We are lucky we had mere quarrels and political bickerings during the just concluded primaries. Political killings were somewhat minimal and left for the last days, maybe to stir sentiments against Buhari. The contests were intense and most politicians got so busy that they had very little time to arrange killings. The security operatives were relatively on top of the game.

News on killings was at the minimum. We thought the battle was almost won. Even Herdsman and Boko Haram began a relative respect of a second Fulani man joining the presidential race.

Then came increasing calls for campaigns on issues. Buhari had taken the day. He had surmounted those that wanted Nigeria to fail. The man Buhari is a special breed. He had scaled the hurdles of sickness and rumoured death.

Buhari has removed Nigeria from recession, he has improved on the economy, he has solved the problem of salaries, pensions and gratuity. Buhari must be a magician. His social intervention schemes has turned him a darling of the poor. The people have seen a better option. In the PDP government, they didn’t get opportunities to taste anything besides cubes of maggi, salt and fake wrappers. Buhari must be a super man. Not even the conspiracy of National Assembly could affect his chances. There is massive improvement in roads.Rail ways and Airports are wearing a new face. The economy is diversified and Agriculture is becoming an alternative source of income

The jackals and hyenas began a lame story of certificate and it could not last long. WAEC attested his certificate and laid to rest propaganda around his educational qualifications. They became more desperate and wanted to turn Nigerian youths against the President. How can Buhari say Nigerian Youths are lazy? This still could not shake his support base.

Yes, with all their strategies, Buhari remained strong. They must create a story that will give impression that Buhari is weak and lifeless. Let’s not forget GEJ was defeated because he was weak. Buhari continued to be strong. A single man neutralized their threats of a third force, just one single man. Could this still be the Buhari that was sick and almost died in London?

Surely the lifeless Buhari must be Jibrin Al Sudan. It must be a very special type of cloned Jibrin that still knows his signature, a special type of Jibrin that remembers his people and old associates, a special Jibrin that was so neatly cloned that the international community cannot detect it. Buhari is so special that he can manipulate the international community from exposing him as Jibrin Al Sudan. He has such a good network of friendship, family members and cabinet members that no one wants to tell the world that he is Jibrin Al Sudan. The barking but weak opposition are too weak to stop a cloned man from being the President of Nigeria. Only some gang of nonentities and militants like Nnamdi Kanu and Asari Dokubo can act the mouthpiece of PDP spokespersons like FFK and Reno Omokri. I don’t want to say that PDP has strong association with criminals.

This weak man’s achievements are too loud. There is a miraculous lifeless man that is stronger than the gathering of hyenas and jackals. Not even attempts to smear him as corrupt has been successful. The last option is to blackmail his Deputy, Pastor Osinbajo. Pastor corrupt? Imposicant!!!!!

I have one fear as a Buharists. They can’t get us in any attempt at blackmail but they can use their boys to kill. Yes majority of the Generals no longer have access to oil wells, but have boys in all the security outfits.

The President is the Chief Security officer. He must stop the killings. Nigerians will not want to hear the story that there was constant tampering of the budgets for security all through the 16 years of PDP wasteful days. No Nigerian is interested in asking his Governor how he has employed security votes allotted to them.

The days of PDP as the days of arrogance exhibited by current day Nigerian governors were/are terribly wasteful. It got so bad that monies budgeted for purchase of arms was used for the reelection bid of President GEJ. I am talking of the DasukiGate. The sons and daughters of the hyenas and jackals are just not interested in making Nigerians get close to the truth that can address real issues surrounding the killings. You can’t investigate any case of killing without shout of witch-hunt. I am talking of Offa killing here.

No Nigerians will understand the logic of killings. The khaki boys must be made not to respect their service Chiefs. They must be loyal to the hyenas and jackals that got them employed. The Army must be politicized. Some hyenas and jackals must recruit their khaki boys to conspire with criminals. If killings is the only way to stop the Jibrin Al Sudan, so be it.

The only strategy left for the hyenas and jackals is to kill and use that to discredit Buhari.

Will Buhari become the President? The answer lies in how he can contain the hyenas and jackals that recently gathered in Bayelsa.

Joseph Odok PhD Esq
Director Media and Strategic Communication, Coalition for Buhari/Osinbajo Movement COBOMAfter

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