A Thousand Noises For A Simple Question.

“In our bid to make HEROES, we create MONSTERS, and when they turn around to haunt us we begin to complain”_

– Mazi Ejimofor Opara.

This saying first appeared in one of my numerous online snippets during the 2017 guber campaigns when Mr Peter Obi led a self defeating campaign against his Successor, Governor Obiano. It wasn’t only that he brought a man with utopian ideas for governance, he worked hard to muscle him into Agu-awka. On of the ruse that formed the bedrock of Peter’s fierce opposition was some phantom 7billion Naira that was allegedly expended on Governor Obiano’s first tenure campaign.

Expectedly, the media was awash with all the negative tales of a Willie Obiano who does nothing but drink Champagne in the government house. Peter’s henchmen were at the fore of this calumny. It felt nice then. Onlookers and political pundits would agree with me that Peter won the war on all media fronts.

Peter, was so vindictive that he took to comparing his 8years run with Obiano’s less than 4years starters, as it then was. No one, including the current Noisemakers gave Governor Willie a chance.

Today, the same ambition has been redefined and Obiano must be brought again to the “gallows” for a Peter Obi to succeed. This time, it’s no longer about 7billion Naira and Champagnes. War has been declared against the sanctity of the family unit, and the Anambra First family has become the “guinea pig” for testing the potency of their new found weapon.

I do not reckon by the slightest imagination to win this media battle called by Mr Peter and his cyber rioters. No! It will be suicidal to attempt such with a man that has invested massively in the Social media. His online militia is first to none in the Southeast, and comes a close second to those of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the entire Nigeria.

What I will not be a part of is the making of another “monster”. For a man who sublimed his wife and consigned her to such disuse that nothing of substance can be ascribeable to her for 8years is a sour taste that a million online rants cannot justify.

People have argued that Mrs Magreth Obi had a second address as first Lady. Yet, are unable to provide same. Some others have written in obvious defence and worship of their “untouchable hero”. Yet, have been unable to distance him from the scarlet dance of shame, reprehensible in all sense, played by his acolytes against Anambra first family.

While I await a sane response to my first article, I think it’s time to lessen the noise on Peter Obi and his VeePee wild goose chase.

*Mazi Ejimofor Opara*
Writes from Awka, Anambra State.

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