A New Horizon In Imo State.

Judging from the prism of the law as interpreted by the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Hope Uzodinma did win the governorship election in Imo State, either in reality or by out-smarting all the other aspirants.

Since the case has reached its terminal point, we can only say, “Goodluck to Hope Uzodinma!”

Our former governor, Mr Emeka Ihedioha did a lot of good for the state, even being named the least corrupt government in the country. Unfortunately, he alienated the diaspora in his rebuilding exercise even though he was propounding the benefits of their expected contribution to the state.

He did not find any of them worthy of a meaningful appointment in his government. He spoke about his plans to incorporate them in his programmes but never actualized any of such plans. Instead, he kept asking them to source for investors to implement programmes in the state.

He didn’t provide any form of support to back up his request.

Diasporans are known for having acquired knowledge, ideas and contacts but logistical demands to aid the implementation of such exhortations can be overwhelming for them.

Financial prudence might be his watchword, but you can’t build anything without funds.

Having noted the shortcomings of the former government, I hereby implore the new government of Hope Uzodinma to appoint liaison officers in the diaspora to spearhead communication between his government and the citizens across the globe.

Once the channel of communication is open and functional, all ideas and programmes will be presented accordingly and effectively.

Another matter the present administration should embrace is the appointment of the diaspora in their government.

The former government handed a poorly paid job to Mr Amadikwa who was locked out in an abandoned storage room full of dust and rotting documents in the statistics department.

Nevertheless, he weathered the storm and eventually did a marvellous job. My profound sympathy goes to the SSG, Uche Onyeaguocha who worked tirelessly to uplift the image of the former government.

Imo Citizens UK will support the new government to do what we do best by remaining the political watchdog to monitor good governance.

I don’t know much of Mr Uzodinma nor his politics but one thing everyone keeps saying is that he is a very smart, patient, and generous achiever. But irrespective of who he is, the fact is that the Imo people elected him, and we have to support him and make Imo prosper.

Right now, he is the Governor of Imo State and his political affiliation is irrelevant!

I invite you all to join Imo Citizens UK so that we will be able to uplift Imo State.

Welcome to the new Governor, Hope Uzodinma!

Long Live Imo State!!!
Long Live Imo Citizens UK!!!

Nze Obidike
(Orji Wuru Obodo 1 of Nkwerre)


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