Nigeria President of Igbo extraction has assumed a mass action dimension .
Let the argument start and let’s make our points .
In 1998 , fomer head of state , Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was a political prisoner, was recruited from the prison to assume the President of Nigeria . This was in realization of the resolve to assuage the people of Southern Nigeria, from where Chief Abiola who won the cancelled June 12 election, come from. After his tenure of 8 years , power moved to the Northern part of Nigeria which saw the emergence of Musa Yaradua , from katsina , as President of Nigeria. He was recruited by Obasanjo and co . He died on the seat due to ill health . His Deputy, who was from South South, took over . Following from aggressive agitation from the South South militants, It was resolved that power should go to the South South people and former President Jonathan was asked to continue.
After his tenure, the north, demanded that power should return to them . President Buhari , who had contested for three previous elections and lost , at a press conference, told the world that he would not be contesting again . It took Bola Ahmed Tinubu and others to recruit him for the Northern Nigeria as it was claimed that it was the turn of the north to present a candidate.
Now somebody is saying, is it turn by turn ? It is , as I see it . There is a Moral issue here . Some groups are trying to use power to short change the South East.
It can not happen !
Established, that it’s the turn of the Southern Nigeria to produce a candidate. South East is yet to produce a candidate to assuage the zone which even fought a civil war to form their own country, but the country refused to allow them to go .
They must be given the opportunity to see themselves as having a sense of belonging in the corporate Nigeria. They are a major shareholder , when it was set up .
We need to be seen as part of this country. It’s no treat and its legitimate. This is where we are today.
Mass action is the issue and we are allowed to air our views .

Nze Elvis Agukwe

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