IPOB As “Terrorist Organisation”, The Wider Implications.

1. Our battered image abroad has been made worst by proscribing IPOB as a terrorist organisation. Effectively there are two terrorist groups in Nigeria. The burden will rest on Nigerians and not on IPOB members alone.
2. Those travelling with Nigerian passport should expect further delays, harassments, interrogations, detentions, and possible deportations by foreign immigration officers. They do not know who is a member of IPOB or not, more so, since everyone uses the Nigerian passport including IPOB members. A friend of mine who is from Akwa Ibom State, but lived and worked in Lagos was delayed and questioned in America over Boko Haram activities at the North East Nigeria. My friend had nothing to do with Boko Haram. These foreign countries are looking for excuses to deal with Nigerians, and President Buhari just gave them one.
3. Expect delays or denials from visa applications.
4. Certain sensitive international jobs might no longer be open to Nigerians due to this factor.
5. Those looking to do business overseas or to bring in foreign partners might be in for a shock. Nigeria will further be listed as a high risk country, despite the previous warning about Nigeria. All western travel advice websites would be updated.
6. Nnamdi Kanu who is the primary target, has dual citizenship so might not be affected. Radio Biafra is in London so will not be affected. IPOB is registered in UK and has membership in over 90 countries of the world, so those outside the country will not be affected too.  

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