Hisbah Police Forcefully Buries Igbo Convert in the North.

Islamic police known as Hisbah in Kano has whisk away the corpse of Chief Basil Chukwumaeze Obiefule Ejesi, an Igbo businessman who died in Kano State.

The corpse of Late Chief Obiefule who resides at #18 Aitken Road Sabon Gari, Kano State, was scheduled to leave Kano on Saturday 24th January 2020 to his hometown Ndiohiaowerri Amucha in Njaba Local government area of Imo State for proper burial, but to the surprise of everybody and the family, the Hisbah Islamic police arrived and forcefully took the corpse away.

A resident and eye witness who pleaded anonymity told Family Writers Press International that the actions of Hisbah Police was strange and against the tradition and wishes of the family who wanted the corpse of late Chief Obiefule transported to Imo state for proper burial.

“The corpse of the late Chief Obiefule was supposed to leave the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital to his hometown in Imo State today, but Hisbah police here in Kano came and took the corpse by force and buried him early this morning. No one knows the reason why they did that. “All the Igbos who live here are shocked and confused by what just happened,”

When asked if it was the consent of the deceased’s family that his body be buried in Kano, he said; “Not at all!. They just came and forcefully took the corpse away. Everyone is just confused right now as we speak.” “A lot of intimidation has been going on here,” he added.
Meanwhile our investigation revealed that there is new Islamic policy that says that every Igbo convert will be buried in the north according to Islamic religion.

Another resident also told FWPI “two days ago, two rich Igbo businessmen” were arrested and taken to undisclosed location.



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