Exposed: Okorocha, Ararume and Izunaso’s Satanic Pact Against Imo.

*Exposed: Okorocha, Ararume and Izunaso’s Satanic Pact Against Imo*


*How Okorocha Traded Uche Nwosu, Settles for Ararume*


*How Gov Obiano Sold APGA to APC through Izunaso*


*How Ararume and Okorocha Shared Shell Camp, Imo Properties*


*By Gift Okechimaghalam*


I have always taken a special interest in APGA because of my late father. He was a veteran of that remaining Ojukwu’s legacy known as APGA. He slept in the Lord five years back loving and talking APGA just because it bears Ojukwu’s insignia behind its presentation. My late father’s tranquility in the grave must have been altered with what is today his APGA.


And so it was that I followed all activities surrounding APGA’s delegates’ elections and “failed primaries” even while I was constantly on transit. I wanted to blame our women and youths, but I realized that these women do not even have any remaining farmland to farm on because Rochas Okorocha had coveted most of them and turned others into endless construction sites. They also do no longer have their native markets as the same governor had collected their stalls and sold them to the rich.


Imo youths have been forced and converted to political thugs, while many graduates are now facebook attack dogs to politicians and are regularly issued with insulting stipends. All these pains have been brought upon my people just because a certain man with strange and questionable parentage was foisted on Ndimo in 2011 by no other person than the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Yes, Jonathan brought Okorocha on Ndimo using Anambra rascals in APGA. The then governor Ikedi Ohakim was believed to have talked so much and opposed Jonathan’s taking over from the ailing Yar’Adua. So as a way of punishing him, GEJ instructed that Ikedi Ohakim must not be returned for a second term in office. This was what happened. Every other propaganda you heard including the cloning of Ohakim’s voice to portray him as a talkative were packaged from us using hi-tech operations unknown to ordinary civilians.


Unfortunately, my squad was a major partaker in that ugly operation that frustrated Ohakim having been drafted from our Bonny base to Imo state. It was that operation that forced me into a reconsideration of my continued stay in service in a Command-and-Obey structure in the country. I was a witness to all that happened at that time, especially our belief that Okorocha was the best that could be trusted by Jonathan. But Jonathan was actually the first to be attacked by the bloody idiot called Okorocha after Jonathan made him Imo governor. He even attempted using and dumping some of us then in the Naval Command attached to him simply because we are Igbos. That Okorocha is a mad man. Though I hated Ohakim at that time and passionately desired to get him off the seat, but I now can attest that Ohakim was better than this Okorocha of a psycho we gave you. So unfortunate!


But this is not about Okorocha. It is also not about the agent of the criminal banking organization known as Zenith Bank or the agent himself known as Stanley Amuchie. I am still reserving evidences of all criminal activities of this bank and three of its Imo indigenous staff who connived with Okorocha to drain our Imo treasury.


For those celebrating that Governor Rochas Okorocha may have lost out at the national level of his party as he seemed incapable of installing his in-law, Mr. Uche Nwosu, please do not celebrate further. From inception, the rumoured projection of Uche Nwosu was an alibi to deceive and confuse Ndimo. It was merely an Option B. Okorocha was, and is well aware that the dude would not fly and had since the last three months repackaged and redesigned his script. That new script was a pact with Ifeanyi Godwin Ararume. Yes; the Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Ararume is in alliance with Governor Okorocha and they have been working together. Surprised? Then read me very well because the son of Lucifer himself is surely as smart as his father. Okorcha is left-brained and only smart schemes come out from left-brained people.


Many will find this difficult to believe. Even members of Ararume’s political family would wish they incise my fingers for penning these, but he that dies in the truth shall have heaven at last.


Senator Ifeanyi Ararume is Governor Rochas Okorocha’s anointed candidate and both of them are currently working together as at this moment. Most of what you read and see happening are stage-managed scripts. Their deal to work together, according to my source was struck and sealed on Sunday, June 17th, 2018 at the Abuja Guest home of the governor of Jigawa state, Alhaji Badaru Abubakar.


Earlier before the date, former Edo state’s governor, Adams Oshiomhole had approached the Imo state’s governor Rochas Okorocha in a private meeting at the Imo Government House Owerri where both had “useful discussions”. My source disclosed that the discussion was centred on the Imo governor using his position as the chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum to ensure that Oshiomhole won the supports of other governors who had earlier shown disapproval to the replacement of the former National Chairman of the APC, Odigie-Oyegun.


Oshiomhole also hinted Okorocha that he had already fixed the voluntary withdrawal of three other contenders – Clement Ebiri, Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor and Chief Ibrahim Emokpair from the race, worrying that the position of other northern governors who seemed so uncomfortable with Asiwaju Amed Tinubu as his sponsor was affecting his chances of emerging the APC National Chairman.


After this Owerri meeting, Okorocha assured Oshiomhole that both would work together. Okorocha started placing calls to some of his fellow governors, especially the Northern ones in Hausa dialect. Badaru Abubakar was eventually arranged to emerge the chairman of the APC Convention and the meeting of June 17th had in attendance Governor Rochas Okorocha, Sen. Ifeanyi Ararume and Mr. Adams Oshiomhole. Curiously, Ararume and Oshiomhole arrived the venue at about 1.35am Sunday morning in a Jigawa state’s Government House SUV Prado black jeep and were both received by Okorocha with loud laughter. All went into the house where they were later met by governor Abubakar who is the Convention Chairman.


My informant revealed that every deal surrounding making Senator Ifeanyi Ararume governor was sealed at that meeting as Okorocha insisted on his going to the senate. Okorocha also informed that he was aware that his in-law, Mr. Uche Nwosu was going to be a hard sale as both came from the same zone. Okorocha worried that Senator Hope Uzodinma was eyeing a return to the senate and that allowing Uche Nwosu to emerge the governorship candidate when he also seeks the senate would not fly very easily. It was here and at this point that all agreed that Ararume must quit the APC and join the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) as the party seemed to have been the next best choice for Imolites. APGA at this period had no stronger contenders and the conspirators saw it as a simple project.


Plans on how to woo APGA national leadership was eventually designed and Oshiomhole was drafted to meet with the Anambra state’s governor, Willie Obiano. The meeting eventually held and Obiano revealed that he already had a deal with the APC national leadership supervised by the then APC’s National Organizing Secretary, Senator Osita Izunaso. Obiano pleaded that they should go and negotiate with Izunaso and the national chairman of APGA as whatever they resolved would be acceptable to him. He also requested them not to connect him with further discussions on the matter, instead continue to deal directly with “Ozonkpu” Victor Oye, APGA’s national chairman. The meeting between Obiano and Oshiomhole held in Awka and Oshiomhole drove by road from Benin.


The Convention of the APC finally came and everything played out as planned. Oshiomhole emerged unopposed as the National chairman and Okorocha held him on the scrotum to deliver on his own part of the deal. Izunaso who led the APC’s team in the deal to allow Anambra state’s Governor Willie Obiano to complete his second term at the eve of his re-election bid last year had earlier struck a deal with Obiano on behalf of the APC to ensure the end of APGA in the East after his second term in office. It was when Obiano appended his signature to the agreement among other terms that he was restored his security details earlier withdrawn by President Buhari. INEC was ordered to announce all results without tampering with Obiano’s sheet. He was declared winner while his APC rival, Mr. Tony Nwoye was settled with a whopping sum of N40 billion to forget the struggle and disappear from the scene. That was how Obiano earlier sold APGA and chased away the spirit of Ojukwu from the party.


Ojukwu’s remaining semblance in the person of Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu was recently disgraced and denied ticket for the senate of Ojukwu’s zone. APGA is no longer nke ndi Igbo. APGA now is a faction of the APC. It is no surprise that you hear both the National Chairman of APGA, Barr Victor Oye and Gov Willie Obiano sometimes praising the President. It is part of the deal that they should be marketing the most clueless Nigerian President among Ndigbo. That is what they did not tell you.


Now to get the ticket and support of Izunaso in the Okorocha/Ararume deal, the new APC National Chairman Oshiomhole and Okorocha who were just discovering that Izunaso had Anambra APGA in his hands resolved to meet Izunaso. Earlier, Okorocha had a led fierce battle of opposition against Osita Izunaso’s return as National Organizing Secretary of the APC. Okorocha had ensured that Izunaso was messed up and a certain unknown Obidiaro brought in as a replacement for Izunaso as APC’s National Organizing Secretary. But on discovering that Izunaso was the only option to embrace if the Ararume kite in APGA must fly, Oshiomhole insisted that Izunaso must be brought back. This was sealed and Izunaso was asked to approach the courts against his own party. Izunaso had long gotten injunction to his favour while Obidiaro has also been settled to lie low with occasional kicks.


Izunaso on the other hand has been playing along with all drawn out for the project of making Ararume the next Imo governor through APGA. Izunaso and Ararume had ensured that only people loyal to them and from their line-up are allowed tickets with just a few left for governor Okorocha. Izunaso not trusting Okorocha had also ensured that he keeps the ticket of the Orlu senatorial seat in APGA for himself through a proxy. Okorocha would have him to contend with should he go back on any of their agreements.


In all, the sum of Sixty Billion Naira (N60b) was raised to be committed into the project of snatching APGA and making Ararume governor through APGA, and this amount was raised by Governor Rochas Okorocha, Ararume and some members of Okorocha’s Boys in the state and at the National Assembly. Former Rivers’ state’s Governor Rotimi Amaechi, it was learnt, gave Ararume the sum of Six Billion Naira (N6b) as a support.


For those believing that Ararume is coming on board to better Imo and recover our looted collective inheritances; you must have been deceived again as this will not happen under Ararume. Ararume is a partaker in all lootings going on under Okorocha, therefore will never probe Okorocha.  In fact, Ararume is coming to protect all loots by Okorocha and self as both have been in partnership in all corrupt enrichments of selves from Imo’s collective inheritances since Okorocha came into office in 2015.


As at today, Ararume has about 35% share of all buildings sited at the Shell Camp estate and the Diaspora Village along Okigwe Road, Owerri. The Shell Camp estate was forcefully collected by Okorocha from staff of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education among others. A certain Barr Ebere Osuji holds all documents and makes transactions for Ararume on all land spaces he gets as shares from Okorocha. This Ebere Osuji also uses a reliable business centre somewhere in Owerri to package all Ararume’s documents. Evidences of all payments on behalf of Ararume, including the last tranche of N10m he paid for some plots at the Shell Camp Owerri for Ararume among other payments for the open land behind Ararume’s Destiny Organization office along Onitsha road are well in our possession and shall be made public at the right time. The land behind Destiny Organisation office where developments are currently ongoing originally belong to the AIFCE.


And so it was that all strategies, plans and funding of the drama which took place during the APGA delegate Congresses and primaries in Imo and some places in Anambra state were parts of the designs put in place by the Federal Government backed APC agents. Senator Ararume was aided in the execution in order to ensure that what played out went according to scripted. Ararume and Okorocha were and are still in partnership to continue to defraud Imolites. The amusing thing is that Uche Nwosu and some of the major players in Okorocha’s government do not know about most of these plots. Okorocha do not entirely trust Uche Nwosu whom he once described as a smooth “gold digger”


Two major targets of the conspirators are to ensure the total death of APGA as a political rallying point of the Igboman through political conspiracy as IPOB has been dealt with through military intimidation. The second target is to take over APGA and turn it into a sub of the APC so that Ndigbo will have nothing within the political clime to negotiate a stand.


Senator Ifeanyi Ararume and Governor Rochas Okorocha are both aggrieved politicians from Imo state who till date, have refused to be fully accepted by Ndimo as part of them. Ndimo have been questioning their parentages and Ararume has been particularly angry with his “kinsmen” for not fully seeing him as one of them but from Benin. Not many in Imo state believe Ararume is one of them as both his facial mark, the inexplicable stupendous wealth he often displays and his general outlook seem all strange to Imolites.


There is also this fear of the message promoted by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo in Owerri sometime in 2007 that Ararume is a ritual killer who slices off peoples’ necks. Of cause Ararume’s desperations in becoming Imo governor has been another cause of concern to Ndimo as Okorocha also showed such desperations and later failed Ndimo. People fear Ararume would be worse than Okorocha. This lack of trust is where their pains and anger against ndimo lie. Ararume and Okorocha share one thing in common; and that is that they can be what Ndimo thought they would never be. They both have questionable parentage thus do not see Imo as their own. Incidentally, both found themselves in the same occult family, The Freemason International. Okorocha can never fight Ararume. He will also never break his agreements with Ararume because their fraternity bears witness to their pact.


This is why Imolites must reject both of them and whatever that comes from them. Reject Ararume the way you are rejecting Okorocha and whatever he gives you. Ararume is even more dangerous than Okorocha as no one has ever emerged successful in life through his money. As a matter of fact, most of many who ate his money had always died mysteriously. And most of people working with him have remained shadow eating from his crumbs but can never leave him.


So I insist that you run away from him and seek deliverance from any of your churches or pastors. I don’t really care who you vote for tomorrow among the candidates that had emerged in other political parties, but you must run away from anything Ararume in APGA or any “angel” in APC no matter how much “blood money” they share to you. These parties and persons are not your friends. They are the last battle you must conquer for your freedom.


Remember you were warned against Okorocha. Don’t say you were not warned again!


*Gift Okechimaghalam is from Egbema in Imo state and writes from*

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