As Dr Dozie Ikedife Gets His Death Wishes.

“For me, a befitting burial is when you are sure I am dead, dig six-feet, wrap me in a mat, put me in the ground and cover it. I will not be celebrated when I die. I don’t want a funeral. Once I am dead, put me in the grave and go away. Don’t come on condolence visit. Don’t come for funeral ceremony. I don’t want it; is it of any use to me, a dead person? You are just wasting your time and giving yourself trouble. If you invite the whole Nigeria it doesn’t mean anything to me. If you invite 10 people it doesn’t mean anything to me. If you fire 100 gunshots, it means nothing to me. People waste energy and sometimes money; sometimes they borrow or sell things to give somebody what they call a befitting burial. I don’t need it.”

-Dr. Dozie Ikedife

… he got his wish. He was buried without fanfare less than 24hrs after he breathed his last.

Source: Elombah.

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