APC In Diaspora Seeks Intervention of Ex-chairmen to Crisis Rocking Party.

By Adekunle Williams.

Lagos, Dec. 30, 2019 (NAN) The All Progressives Congress Diaspora Forum has sought for the two former party chairmen intervention to the current crises rocking the party nationwide.

The group explained that the party needed their presence, attention and intervention as fathers and elder statesmen, who were the founding leaders of the party.

The group made this known in a Save of Our Soul (SOS) statement jointly signed by the 12 Diaspora Chairmen of the party.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the two former chairmen were Chief Adebisi Akande, APC First Interim and Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, former party National Chairman.

They were signed by Dr Philip Idaewor, Chairman, APC UK & Chairman, APC Diaspora Forum, Mr Lawal Ayoola, Chairman, APC Scandinavia & Secretary, APC Diaspora Forum, Prof. Adesegun Labinjo, Chairman, APC USA.

Among others were Mr Hammed Adefioye, Chairman, APC Ireland, Mr Charles Michelleti, Chairman, APC Ghana, Mr Stephen Tella, Chairman, APC Spain, Mr Olalekan Ogunwede, Chairman, APC Germany.

Others were Mr Olanrewaju Balogun, Chairman, APC France, Mr David Abraham, Chairman, South Korea, Mr Elas Abone, Chairman, APC Canada and Tony Isama, Chairman Emeritus, APC Chairmen Forum

The group said it was compelled by a sense of duty and anxiety about the present state of our party concerning the issues and challenges of which they knew they were very much conversant with.

It said: “We fear that unless something is urgently done and steps taken to bring peace, sanity and discipline back into the party,

“The APC was envisaged and dreamt of by members at foundation will sooner than later become history as a political party in Nigeria.

“We are convinced that many Nigerians from the different political parties, groups and associations who gave their best to see to not only the birth of this ideological movement for a progressive, social democratic political party.

“They are in agony as they watch their hopes and emotional investment being dissipated on the altars of personal acrimonies without regard to the founding vision of this political party.

“Sirs, many Nigerians actually died in the struggle to see APC established as a force for political change for the good of Nigeria.

“Many gave selflessly of their time, intellect, finances and other material resources to ensure that this party became a reality.

The group therefore called on the fathers of APC and perhaps as the only two with the moral authority, to bring all groups back to the table of its common political brotherhood, as a disciplined force for good.

It said the two former leaders were indeed the fathers of this party, adding that both led the party during its infancy.

They said they had led the party through its teething age to becominga party that became the symbol of hope for millions of Nigerians; and the vehicle which liberated the country.

It added that they had also brought the party from the vice grip of a corruption focussed and entrenched group, who had held sway at the time of the coming to life of the great party.

According to them, we are troubled to no end, that unending conflicts seem to have become the order, and not just at state levels, but also at the national level.

The group said the centre wains not holding and it was their hope that the elders and fathers with the moral authority of leadership, would step in at a time like this.

“The house you laboured day and night to lead in building, is actually being pulled apart, and the continued building process has become totally disrupted.

“On our part, we know the cost of this movement and project to us as leaders and members of the party in the Diaspora.

“As things stand today, APC transmuting into whatit was not envisioned to be, may have far more unpleasant consequences for our polity and country than anticipated.

“This is because a destabilised APC political party will reinforce the negative view of the Nigerian political leadership, and further cause disenchantment of young Nigerians to the possibilities of a better future and country.

“On the street, it is already being openly declared, by many who supported this party in the past; that APC is not different from the PDP.

“For any member of this progressive family, that should be taken for what it is: a nauseating insult.

“APC should, and is indeed in our view, be so completely distinguishable from the PDP, just as day is known to be two different from the night and death from life,” it said.

The group noted that it was time they come together, work together and pull together to save our party from disintegration.

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