The Death of General Qassem Soleimani and Old Europe’s Fear.

June 2019: Iran shot down a US spy drone,

July 2019: Iran seized British oil tanker.

September 2019: Iran bombed Saudi Arabia’s huge oil production facility.

To all these, there was no response from either the US, Europe or Saudi Arabia. Iran gloated or denied and Soleimani was the long hand that planned and executed all these.

27th December: Hizbollah Kataib, an Iran-backed militia group operating in Syria and Iraq carried out a rocket attack that killed an American defence contractor working in Kirkuk, Iraq.

30th December: The US bombed an Iraqi facility housing the Hizbollah terrorists, killing 25 militia men and wounding over 50 others. The US said they were responsible for the attacks and death.

31st December: Iran mobilises all its proxy armies in the region against the sprawling US embassy in Bagdad, breached the outer reception, set fire on the frontal part of the embassy, hoisted Iranian flags briefly and camped outside the embassy before the Iraqi government persuaded them to leave. The US was not in doubt who was behind the attack.

3rd January 2020: The US Reaper drone bombed a convoy bearing Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most respected and most feared intelligence officer and co-ordinator of its global terror network and Shiite expansionism.

3rd January: Iran vows revenge after 3 days mourning period.

3rd January: Europe goes mute as it did when Hitler was arming itself and swallowing up one country after another. When Europe finally woke up, Hitler was knocking on Britain’s door, having gulped down France and many other European sovereign nations

If America had not joined the war, we would have had a different world today ruled from Berlin by the Reich of the proud Aryans race.

Trump restrained himself when Iran shot down an American drone. Now, the killing of Qassem Soleimani, days after taking out over a dozen Iran’s proxy soldier’s tells us that Trump, unlike European wingless doves and American liberal pacifists, is willing to speak power to Iran, that being the only language it understands.

Those who are expecting Word War III should tell us something else. Trump moved the US capital to Jerusalem and nothing, I mean, nothing happened despite liberal media pundits and Democrat honchos predicting that the Hell’s Gate had been opened. Trump killed al Baghdadi, the ISIS dictator, and nothing also happened except threats.

The only language the Middle East understands is power, superior power. That is why they fear and even respect Israel, a tiny nation of 8.7 million surrounded by 420 million Arabs. Israel is powerful and uses its power when the needs arise.

The world should be grateful to Trump. Iran, from now, will think and rethink before continuing in its reckless provocations.

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