Michael Alunomoh From Nigerian Filmed Himself Shooting In London.

Michael Alunomoh filmed himself shouting down to armed police from the high-rise flat in Chatham, Kent, after around 50 shots were heard by frantic neighbours.
Alunomoh  posted a clip of himself wielding guns and yelling “call the f***ing cops” on Instagram, before shouting at the police gathered below “come on, come on, you’re mad”.

In the video,  Alunomoh shouts along to Tupac’s “Hit Em Up” as he shows his cache of “weapons” to the camera in a string of bizarre Instagram videos.

The weapons were later found to be imitations and he was firing blanks.

The moves towards the edge of the balcony singing and thumping his chest with the “gun” – referencing the Notorious B.I.G, shouting “f*** Biggie, f*** Bad Boy” before firing off several shots.

Alunomoh, who calls himself “flexingmike” and claims to be the CEO of Truth or Dare records, fires the shots at random.
Wearing a bright Hawaiian-style shirt and headphones, he raps and sneers at the camera while waving the firearms around.

The camera pans around his £1,900-a-month rented penthouse apartment – showing at least four guns and ammo on the bed – before he fires into the air.

Horrified witnesses on the ground can be heard saying “he’s f***ing aiming down here” as they watch in shock.

In another video, now deleted, gasps can be heard from below, with one person filming saying: “Oh my God, he’s shooting”.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “Kent Police was called at 8.35am on Wednesday 22 April 2020 to a disturbance at a flat on Dock Head Road, Chatham.

“Members of the public reported seeing a man on a balcony with weapons and patrols, including armed officers, attended the scene.

I think they are going to move in. The police are moving in. They are going in.


“The police helicopter was also deployed and a man in 30s has now been arrested on suspicion of firearms offences.

“Patrols remain at the scene where officers have located four suspected imitation firearms as part of their enquiries.”

Ex-military worker Lee Atkinson, 41, recorded the incident to hand over to police after calling 999.

He heard women and children “screaming” and one local crying as the terror unfolded, and helped clear the area.

Father of one Mr Atkinson said the man emerged in handcuffs after the standoff and smirked and waved at pals who were outside – one of whom had been on the phone to him saying “think of your kid”.

A video put up on Facebook suggested police also quizzed two people who had been in the flat too.

With 57k Instagram followers, Alunomoh appears to style himself as an “influencer” – regularly posting pics from exotic holidays, designer clothes and on super yachts.

In one snap of himself at a gym, he posted: “Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

Earlier this week he advertised his new EP on Instagram, featuring five songs. His social media then fell silent until this morning’s rampage.

The Sun.


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